Peter Coyote began his film career at 39, after living nearly fifteen years in the counter-culture during the 1960s and 70s. Since then, he has performed as an actor for some of the world's most distinguished filmmakers, including: Barry Levinson, Roman Polanski, Pedro Almodovar, Steven Spielberg, Walter Hill, Martin Ritt, Steven Soderberg, Diane Kurys, Sidney Pollack and Jean Paul Rappeneau.

Mr. Coyote is also well-known for his voice-over work, and has done numerous documentaries and TV specials, including the nine-hour PBS Special, The West. In 1992 he won an EMMY as the "Host" for a nine-hour series, called, The Pacific Century which also won the extremely prestigious duPont-Columbia Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism. In 2000 year he was the announcer of the Academy Awards Ceremony, taking the heavy-lifting off co-host Billy Crystal's shoulders for all the announcements in a broadcast which played live to an estimated one billion listeners.

Last year he recorded the 12 hour series on the National Parks for Ken Burns and has recently completed the voice-work on Mr. Burns two latest seriesProhibition and The Dust Bowl. For a number of years he was the announcer of theNational Geographic Explorer series. In the last several years he has appearred in principle roles in: Femme Fatale, directed by Brian DePalma, and A Walk to Remember, starring Mandy Moore, Northfork by the Polish Brothers and Bon Voyage by Jean Paul Rappeneau which he performed in French and German and in late 2010 he played the lead in an ARTE Television (French and German PBS) called "Valparaiso" in which he performed solely in French.

In 2006 he had a major role in three televison series: The Inside on Fox-TV, the 4400 on USA Channel and played the Vice-President to Geena Davis's President on Commander in Chief for ABC-TV until the show's end. In 2011 he starred as the District Attorney in the new version of Law and Order LA. In 2007 he was prominently featured as an old boxing promoter in Rod Lurie's "Resurrecting the Champ" with Samuel. L. Jackson and Josh Hartnett, and also as Sally Field's disreputable writing teacher on the television series, "Brothers and Sisters."

Mr. Coyote is currently editing a new book about politics and preparing a new show on the Criminal Investigating Division of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) which has won the full support of the agency. He makes his home in Northern California, and considers working on old trucks and motorcycles his longest lasting addiction. He currently drives a restored 1974 BMW R90S motorcycle of which he is inordinately proud.

Peter Coyote